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White Clover Wedding Concierge

What is a wedding concierge?

Just like the concierge at a hotel, Tom & Kate are ready to assist you!

We act as an on-floor wedding assistant and provide additional items for yourself and wedding party throughout the wedding. These sometimes include makeup kit items, sewing kit items and extra things like fans or blankets. Tom & Kate provide a special care service for your immediate family and bridal party- checking they are comfortable and have what they need.

Having a wedding concierge is a must for the success of your day. Tom & Kate become your wedding personal assistants and can take care of tasks as they arise. White Clover are the 'fix it' crew, providing a smooth run of the day, help, and a world of experience. A concierge is your onsite 'wedding angel' aka 'wedding Swiss army knife' who props things up and makes light work resurrecting anything that doesn't go to plan. They have solutions, suggestions and resources to help overcome the little things when they are forgotten. Tom & Kate look after you, your wedding party and VIPs to ensure their comfort throughout your wedding. 

Some Examples of White Clover Concierge Service

- Pinning floral lapels
- Providing 'touch up' makeup service
- Sewing torn clothing/buttons/pinning bustle/removing veil
- Folding & adjusting pocket squares
- Creating a 'makeshift' throwing bouquet
- Assisting with drinks/food service for VIPs
- Helping replenish candy buffet
- Assisting your vendors with their requirements
- Offering fans, blankets & umbrellas to wedding party members
- Carrying a kit with insect repellent, sunscreen, basic first aid items, tissues & deodorants
- Providing items you may have forgotten (such as garter, guestbook, pens, lighters, clothing tape, hairpins)

- Wrapping up cold couples in heated jackets during night time photos

- Providing a 'back up' wedding gown

- Swapping our VIPs' shoes for new pairs of thongs

- Retrieving items from your car/hotel room/charging your phone

- Gifting snacks to wedding party during photos 

- Adding a 'refresh turndown' service to your bridal suite

Plus many, many more items & services!

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