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Why is Live Music so Special at a Wedding?

When it comes to wedding entertainment, many couples opt for just a DJ to provide the music for their big day. While we love the magic a DJ can create for your dancefloor, there are so many advantages to having live music at your wedding- which is why we believe you deserve both: dreamy, emotionally stirring live music and a powerful party-anthem, crowd winning DJ.

  1. Live music adds an extra level of atmosphere and excitement to your wedding. A live band or musician can bring a level of warmth and passion to your wedding that a DJ simply can't match. The energy of a live performance is contagious and can really elevate the feeling of your wedding.

  2. Live music is more personal and customisable. With live musicians, you have the opportunity to request specific songs in a specific style. Let's make it 'you' and make it unique. This allows you to tailor the music to your personal taste and flavour and create a more fresh experience for you and your guests. They may have heard Ed Sheeran sing his songs so many times, but you may want to tweak lyrics and style. You should have something that feels familiar, but is new and delighting. It's a more romantic and intimate approach to your Aisle song and especially your first dance.

  3. Live music can add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding. A live band or musician can make your day feel more sophistication and and yet, an air of ease, especially if you choose a genre of music that is more refined to your taste. This can be a nice way to add a little extra flair to your special day.

  4. Live music allows for more flexibility. With a live band or musician, you have the ability to take as much time as you like to walk down the aisle- without ever worrying that your song will run out. You can dance more easily when a song is purposefully arranged for you to dance to. We can slow any fast song and speed-up and slow song. This is the helping hand that you really need in the moment, even if didn't realise what a difference this makes.

  5. You don't have to trust your tipsy friends with the Aux cord! Pro tip: they should never be trusted with the aux cord.

Overall, live music is the best, most natural way to create a more special and memorable wedding. You don't have to choose between a wildly high energy dancefloor and an elegant, romantic, slow and personal first dance (sung just for you both).

Book both and enjoy the wedding you deserve.


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